Practical Firearms of Wyoming (E.P.G. LLC)

Personalized Firearms Training


Welcome to Practical Firearms of Wyoming,  a division of Eastern Plains Gunrunners LLC. 

We are a small family owned and operated business dedicated to providing the highest quality class for the discriminating customer at a reasonable price.

Our basic class is a Two-Day class. Unlike other 'Safety/CCW classes available, our class provides not only the normal 'safety' class, but also legal, practical handling and firearms/ammunition information. 

As part of the class, a 4 hour block of time is scheduled in the Evanston Recreation Center's indoor range, providing the student with the opportunity to shoot at moving targets, in low and no light conditions, to include drawing and firing from concealment. 

Classes available:

One Day Handgun Safety

Two-Day Handgun Safety/CCW

Advanced Handgun

Backup/Concealment Handgun

Basic and Advanced (Practical) Carbine

Defensive Shotgun

Personalized classes are available, mixed handgun/carbine, in-home classes, private groups (family and clubs) upon request.  Group pricing is available.

We would be happy to arrange a class to fit your needs.

Class Schedule

Currently scheduled classes

March and April dates to be announced

Other dates to follow

(Classes can be split between two weekends with advance notice to accommodate our students)

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