Practical Firearms of Wyoming (E.P.G. LLC)

Practical Firearms of Wyoming / Eastern Plains Gunrunners LLC

Practical Firearms of Wyoming / EPG LLC  is a family owned and operated firearms training business.

We will help our customers find their skill levels and advance that level with practical training and knowledge. 

Personal training even in a classroom setting is possible, and is part of all of our classes. We strive to ensure that each student goes away with a new sense of their skills and abilities as well as a working knowledge of local, state and federal laws.


Michael Worley

Michael has 30+ years experience with firearms, hunting, reloading, instructing, building and customizing firearms. 

A ten year Law Enforcement veteran, arrest control and firearms instructor, Michael brings a unique vision and experience to the classes. 

Guest Instructors:

Currently we have no guest instructors scheduled.

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  • "Mike put the gun together in about 3 days. The final product was astonishing. Fit and finish were top rate. All the parts were installed and fitted. When shaking the gun empty w..."
    Barry W.
    Deputy Sheriff