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The Remington R1

Posted on May 6, 2014 at 1:45 AM

The Remington R1S

Much has been written over the years about the 1911 so a history will not be repeated here. However a quick review of the Remington R1S(stainless) is in order. But the jaundiced eye (and hands) of a gunsmith will be looking the gun over.


The initial examination of the R1 was extremely favorable,the exterior machining is of high quality, no machine marks, the finish even and well executed. The frame, slide and sights did have a minor number of sharp edges and points that would need to be removed for regular/heavy use but the guns exterior was well done.


Internally, the fit and finish was better than I’ve seen on a current production gun in a number of years. The barrel hood had a minimal amount of movement, the barrel bushing well fit with no looseness but was able to be removed with finger pressure only. Slide to frame fit had a slight bit of movement, but not enough to effect practical accuracy, just enough to leave the gun combat reliable.

The hammer, sear, disconnector and magazine catch, all appear to be MIM parts, with the associated fill hole markings. Personal preference is to replace these immediately, but this is a customers gun so the factory parts remain until he decides what changes to make. 

The trigger pull is excellent, the series ’80 firing pin safety parts not hindering a good trigger pull, right out of the box. I recommended the customer leave the trigger pull alone, it is that good on this gun.


Firing the R1, no issues for a large handful of magazines,although the point of impact was literally 4” low at 25Y. The .175” front sight will be replaced with a .150” version to bring point of impact up to point of aim. The group however was enviable and better than some ‘better’ or at least higher priced 1911’s, the gun shot several groups that were well under 2” at 25Y with varied ammo to include mixed factory ball and  target handloads.


The standard spur hammer and grip safety as usual drew blood, the reason I usually replace or at least trim the hammer to avoid this.  The short trigger was a little awkward after some 25 years of long trigger use, but it was fit nicely with little slop.


The original style thumb safety has a small pad but worked nicely, operating positively and only having a little overlap at the back.


The grips, ‘double diamond’ style are well checkered, fit nicely and are of a good color.


The high visibility sights are well done, although in this example both are slightly off center to the left.  Well regulated as far as windage goes, the group was centered although low as previously mentioned.

All in all, a good buy if you don’t mind the MIM parts or plan to replace them.

I’d put a little work into the gun if it were mine, to remove the sharp points, the MIM parts and a proper front sight.

For the price, an excellent buy and well worth a look.


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