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What to bring to class?

Posted on November 30, 2015 at 8:45 PM

Every student needs to bring certain items to class.

Seasonal clothing as appropriate is appreciated.

Must haves:

Firearm and ammunition. A minimum of 200 rounds of factory ammunition is appreciated, fewer can be accomodated with notice, but the student misses out on a number of opportunities and experiences with less. 300-400 is recommended. Factory ammunition is required because of some problems that have occurred with reloaded / remanufactured ammunition over the years, and we would like to spend our time shooting and training rather than performing unscheduled/unplanned malfunction drills and diagnosing problems.

Hearing and eye protection are required. There are no exceptions to this. Both can be provided but advance notice is needed.

A ball cap or a hat with a brim. Despite our being indoors, ejected cases can and do bounce around, and keeping them off of your head and from behind your eye protection is a must.

A flashlight (with fully charged batteries). Preferably one that can be operated with one hand. Parts of the class and shooting experience will be in low or no light, so a personal light will be appreciated.

A decent holster and belt. Open carry or concealment holster styles are both accepted, however junk (unsafe) holsters will not be allowed on the range. Cheap / flimsy belts again are not recommended, the lack of support and sturdiness will be obvious in classes.

An open mind. This doesn't seem like something that is required for a firearms class, but we will be exploring new concepts and ideas to some, and slaying some sacred cows. Having an open mind is essential to learning. Concepts and ideas have changed over the years, methods have changed, things that were taught 5, 10, 20+ years ago may not be accurate (pardon the pun) and may have been found to be inaccurate or even wrong or illegal over the years.

Payment in full is required at the beginning of class.

What will be provided:

Testing/class materials

Coffee / water / juice


For the ladies, a warning, we do not advise you to wear low cut shirts or tshirts to the range. The reason should be self explainatory, but for those who cannot understand the hint, there will be hot pieces of metal sailing through the air. If you need further explaination, please inquire during the classroom portion of the class.

This list may be edited and changed at any time, please check back often.

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